CLINIC DESIGN (4-Audio Lessons)

CLINIC DESIGN (4-Audio Lessons)


"Let’s make healthcare irresistible!”

What if that one statement was actually true in your healthcare office or even in a few hundred healthcare offices around the country today? Imagine how much more satisfying the practice of medicine would be? You, the Physician and your team would be less stressed, more content and probably, you’d have the joy of knowing what happy patients actually look like.

In this brand new four-part audio series, we focus on the little things that matter the most to a Patient.

What’s Included?

4 Audio Lessons + C.D.A.T. Administrator’s Manual Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.

Remember, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Through your actions and interactions with your Patients, you, your team and your physical environment are communicating something to them.

Is your medical practice a place where people say “This feels like home …” ?

Patient Care is defined in a lot of WAYS today. We’ve all been on the wrong end of an exam room visit at some point in our lifetime. We like to reverse engineer things and think of Patient Care as also “Guest Services”. To us, it is how YOU welcome, inform, and serve every Patient who walks in the door of your medical practice.

Providing a remarkable experience for each Patient depends on a number of factors: staff, Doctors, facilities, parking, signage, and the overall “feel” and interior quality of the physical environment. Your goal, in every interaction with a Patient, is to exceed their expectations and it all starts with the backdrop “hospitality.”

We hope the content provided on this site will help you as you create a unique Patient experience for your local community. We’re still learning too, so check back often for an updated version of this course!

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