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We’re on a mission to change the world of medicine … one Doctor at a time!

We believe and have seen personally that through commonsense-based Physician development, this is an achievable goal. And when it comes to Business of Medicine, there is no one-size-fits-all rule that serves every Doctor. Instead, we empower Physicians to become leaders within their own practice through strength-based coaching that enables them to do their best work in the exam room and at home. We start with the Physician because at the end of the day, a Doctor should be there for his/her patients. It all starts with the Doctor. We help Doctors unleash their own ideas and manage the business of medicine through effectively managing the people they lead.

The DocPreneur Institute (DPI) is an entrepreneurial support system dedicated to bringing together the resources, support and opportunities that physician entrepreneurs need to start, build and grow their businesses in the areas of: Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care. Launched in 2014, The DocPreneur Institute connects physicians of all specialties with other like-minded physician mentors, corporations, investors, educators and other business and community leaders in order to advance the economic interests of the local Membership Medicine community. The DocPreneur Institute is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.


From our CEO

“We’re a starting place on the exploratory journey of learning about membership medicine delivery models, including Concierge Medicine, boutique medicine, micro practice environments and Direct Primary Care models. Our educational, (not consulting) platform is simply meant to provide a clear, unbiased introductory voice of reason in the noise of healthcare today. The DocPreneur Institute is a way to 'Resource’ and ‘Educate’ Physicians and other healthcare professionals about their options, resources and models available and used in this space. We provide a launch pad of learning about these unique healthcare delivery models that has no allegiance to one particular model, organization or method of practice. By creating an unbiased, educational Mentor and Coaching network of experts with the help of the national trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today, the Concierge Medicine FORUM and Direct Primary Care Journal readers, and the help of many of the medical industry’s Physicians and business executive leaders, The DocPreneur Institute can provide objective, unbiased and independent exploratory thought to those physicians exploring a potential career in high-tough medicine,” said J. Catherine Sykes, CEO of The DocPreneur Institute. “I am personally very pleased with the institutional growth potential and market receptivity that The Docpreneur Institute has shown in our development phase over the past several years. Since the initial collaboration with the national trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal readers, we are exploring opportunities to expand our class scope, coaching network and share this network of entrepreneurial resources more broadly with the healthcare community. Through these creative collaborations and the support of private interests aligned with this goal, we will continue to help physicians across the country and even in parts of the U.K., South America, Australia and in Canada move forward with their entrepreneurial endeavors in the delivery of high-touch medicine.”



The DocPreneur Institute (DPI) was launched in 2014 to give Physicians access to objective and experienced mentors and business coaches — who can answer their questions, provide helpful feedback, insight and relevant guidance as they evaluate starting a medical practice, growing a local clinic, hiring staff, acquiring new patients through creative marketing, learning about starting a Concierge Medicine, Membership Medicine, private and even Direct Primary Care (DPC) models, or determining which business relationships your practice should have with payors.



Since its launch in 2014, DPI Faculty have guided, coached and connected hundreds of Physicians, their staff, business leaders, hospital executives, investment organizations and others with established Membership Medicine Physician operators with an industry-centric place in which healthcare practitioners and professionals can come to learn and pursue success strategies used in free market healthcare today and get connected with the people, organizations and resources they need to have a satisfying and successful career in subscription-based healthcare delivery.